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Samsung C9000: Home Entertainment Still Captivates at IFA 2010

Written on September 04, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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IFA 2010--In sync with Samsung tablet’s launch is the entrance of the elegant C9000 TV, something you can take home out of sheer delight or fancy, whichever motive is more forcible.

Three-dimensional technocracy wheels in to Berlin today, where Samsung products are among the leaders in the procession. As much as most cannot wait to touch the Galaxy Tab, all of them should also be setting their sights on Samsung C9000. It comes strong as a reminder that home entertainment has not lost all to the portables.

Smart, sleek and super slim, the C9000 puts a small, second screen on your remote for a preview of channels as you flip them, or, more to the point, for you to not miss a single movement on the channel you are viewing. This incorporation of mobile tech is interesting. You can take a kitchen break without interrupting your viewing mode because of the C9000’s handy 3-inch remote control.

All 7.98mm in thickness of Samsung C9000 comes also with 2D to 3D conversion capability. It has two HD receivers, supports DLNA for streaming from compatible devices and has Allshare connectivity. Get interactive with this new telly by also accessing Samsung’s web content and web app store. All is alive for Samsung home entertainment products, see that at IFA 2010.

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Hand Me the Galaxy: Samsung Surprises with a Tablet at IFA 2010

Written on September 03, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Just how do you bump Apple out of the tablet-market road, or at least bump it to the sideline? Samsung may answer: “Do not think like Apple. Think Samsung. “ Now Berlin is making way for the freshest tablet in the world—definitely by Samsung.

IFA 2010 abounds with techie delights, but it is not easy to overlook Samsung Galaxy Tab. Touch tech and pure pleasure combine in this Samsung contraption. You might just forget about iPad ownership and take the Tab home instead. It comes handy in 7 inches, and can be comfortably carried in one hand. It strikes a balance between viewing and portability. The rivaling 10-inch iPad wins in display but loses in weight.

The Samsung tablet also scores several star points for the ability of shooting photographs and videos, and for video calling capability. Sure it looks strange, talking over a tablet and snapping with such a size, but it certainly acts functional. If users feel awkward about putting the device to their ears, then a Bluetooth device (Tab supports it too) is a good alternative.

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