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Google Tries New Interface, Removes “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

Written on June 20, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Another experiment from Google. But this time, the search engine giant tested a new search button and removed the "I'm Feeling Lucky" from its homepage.

Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” had existed for over several years now, though Internet users cannot deny that this button has been used rarely by people. The search engine giant, noticing this fact, decided to remove it then from its interface.

Google tested out some new changes to make their results more helpful. Specifically, they created a new search button inspired by Bing, to present their search results based upon what are seen on Google Finland. Since web users often read the webpage’s descriptions, Google changed the layout of the results. It alternates the URL and the description sections so the URL will be placed below the live link. They also highlighted the search results pages’ header and uses gray/red icons, and labels in the vertical navigation menu. Google as well changed the “cached” and “similar” which are now located in the Instant Preview box so common users will not find them easily.

According to the search engine, the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button was deleted simply because it is no longer useful. In fact, Google Instant had made the search button useless for some time, so that they could remove it altogether.

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