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In-App Purchases Available to Android Market Accounts Next Week

Written on March 25, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Android Market app developers are going to get richer, as Google opens the door to in-app purchases.

Google has given the go signal to Android app developers to test their in-app purchases system through the Android Market. The company is expected to fully roll-out the feature next week.

Users can make in-app purchases using their existing Google Market account, giving a coherent solution for both developers, consumers, and ultimately Google.

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Apple Removes 15-Minute Password Window for In-App Purchases

Written on March 11, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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With credit card stacking to the hundreds and even the thousands, Apple announces that it will now remove the 15-minute password window for in-app purchases giving kids something to cry and parents to be happy about.

Extinguishing the fire before it fans into flames, Apple has announced that it will be removing the 15-minute password window for In-App purchases for the iOS 4.3. It was not long ago when a particular parent raged about her credit card bill thanks to unconsented in-app downloads by her children for games. Apparently it was the last straw for Apple as they developed a system where a re-entry of password is required everytime an in-app download transaction is going to happen.

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Mac App Store: Delayed, No Game Center & In App Purchases

Written on December 10, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The Back to Mac event organized by Apple made people giddy about the new MacBook. Unfortunately, it was announced that Mac App Store can't make it on Dec.13,2010. And there are more bad news: Game Center & In App Purchases will not be present as well.

Apple informed App Store developers that two major iOS app store features isn’t coming out on 2010. These features are the Game Center and in app purchases. In the app purchases, developers will be allowed to create only “freemium” app model. This means they can sell the app for free and let the users buy more features over time.

Meanwhile, Game Center will also not make its way to Mac and this is something unexpected. With all the upcoming and current games and the device, Game Center would be a wonderful addition for the social experience parse. It could have even integrated with iOS leader boards and for iOS versions of Mac games.

There is also the news that December 13 launch will be delayed into January 2011. These issues should be addressed by Steve Jobs and his colleagues right away.

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