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Droid Incredible with a Mouthful of Froyo on August 18?

Written on August 16, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Android phones has now become a necessity. Here's more of it as Android Incredible is rumored to be here on August 18.

The Droid is now up for second batch of Froyo. The Droid 2 eventually landed, the Droid X on Android 2.2 will hit the stores on early September, so what about the fourth one? When is it due?

According to sources who wish to remain anonymous, The Verizon will start the roll out of the Droid Incredible’s OTA on August 18th. This is in line with the leaks that we heard ages ago. Plus, HTC had released the handset’s Android 2.2 source code.

Given the fact that dates, photos and details leaked, Verizon will give us small helpings at a time, but at least you know when is it due so you can go estimate the wait and mark the calendar.

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