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The iOS 4.2 Beta 3 is Up

Written on October 13, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Apple's iOS 4.2 beta 3 just arrived. You can install on your devices now or why not wait for reviews in coming days?

After the iOS 4.2 beta phenomenon, let’s all make way for the newest version. iOS 4.2 beta 3 for your iPhone and iPad just made it to Apple’s developer site. Though there are still no update on changes that it will do to your device, but it is still a new version. It just need a little courage to install it on your device or better yet, wait for more days to read the reviews.

The iTunes 10.1 beta 2 is also out. New Ping madness on the way. Let us know what your iOS experience and we’ll keep you posted as well.

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