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Carmack Presents the ‘Rage’ 60fps on iPhone 4

Written on August 14, 2010 by Adam Eve

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A new game engine is here to make every iPhone 4 user's day a blast. Thanks to John Cormack's Rage game engine! With a cool light simulation, MegaTexture technique and 60 frames that run in every second... What more can you ask for?

The id Software and video game personality, John Carmack, demonstrated an id, tech 5, Rage-themed game engine on iPhone 4 at the QuakeCon. The engine runs in an awesome 60 frames per second! The demonstration keynote highlights an upcoming release of the new Rage engine in an iOS title. But according to him, the engine would not just run on iPhone 4, it is also compatible on a 2G phone and is incredibly cool on iPad. The lights in Rage scenes with radiosity to simulate indirect illumination and shadows accurately. It also features id’s MegaTexture technique, wherein they use a single large texture rather than repeating single small surface in a tile.

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