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Review Roundup: Things to Know About iPad 2

Written on March 11, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Before you click the 'Put to cart' button, better listen what tech experts got to say about the iPad 2.

Two days have passed since iPad 2 landed on the hands of the eagar consumers. Prior to its release, people already know what makes this device supreme among other tablets in the market.

But before you ditch your original iPad and grab the iPad 2, hear what tech experts have to say about the newest member of the Apple family.

Joshua Topolsky for Engadget said:

-Unbelievably thin

Pictures don’t quite do the iPad 2 justice — it feels really, really great in your hands. Not only does the construction give it a feeling of heft and permanence, but the thin profile combined with the new, tapered edges make holding the device a real joy

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