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iPhone 4 Price Drops to $147 in Walmart

Written on June 06, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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Why the sudden price drop?

Just before an Apple event, the unthinkable happens. Walmart discounted the price of iPhone 4 to $147.

Techland writer Doug Aamoth received a message from Walmart’s PR company saying:

“Hi Doug,

Walmart today announced a price reduction on the iPhone 4 which will be available for $147 today, June 6 through June 30 at select stores.

These savings apply to both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4 in both black and white colors. Pricing requires a new two-year wireless and data agreement or qualified upgrade.

Please let us know if you are interested in covering this announcement. We look forward to hearing from you!


The price on Walmart’s website has not been changed yet and iPhone still has the price tag of $197. Let’s just wait and see what the new move for Apple.

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