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XWave Headset: Control Your iDevice with Your Brain

Written on September 08, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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"The finger is at your fingertips." True enough, when somebody said that, he/she or somebody else made it possible. But look further from the iPhone's your-finger-as-the-stylus innovation, because somebody has said the future rides on your brainwaves, and PLX is making it possible.

All eyes now to the “XWave, powered by NeuroSky eSense patented technologies,” a sensor-laden headset that detects “the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital.”

Attach it to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and it will translate your mind in action into app interaction. “Objects in a game can be controlled…the possibilities are limited only to the power of your imagination.”

And, mind you, PLX is not hoarding their technology. Their APIs are being served up to developers, encouraging them to create their own brain-powered apps. Can you see the future clearly now–no part of your brain will be left idle as you Doodle Jump using those nerves? XWave is pre-selling at $100 when you order now. Packages will arrive on November 1.

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