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Cool Ball-Shaped Speaker Plays Music On The Go

Written on January 10, 2013 by Avlya Jaie

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The Ballo spherical speaker is compatible with most audio devices and smartphones

Music lovers can play their music on the go, through a sleek looking, spherical-shaped speakers, called “Ballo”. This ball speaker was designed by design studio Bernhard | Burkard.

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Sony Keeps Moving with iRDP-X50iP Speaker Dock

Written on August 26, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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After raising the white flag in the MP3 player battle, Sony is still sure to not walk away from the music domain. The corporation remains competitive when it comes to speaker systems.

Sony iRDP-X50iP, a portable speaker dock made with iPhone-and-iPod compatibility in mind, conveys this no-retreat message. Its minimal design speaks of Sony’s flair for elegance. But this sleek style only outlines internal power, all 40 watts of it in the system.

Certifiably compatible with the iPhone and recent iPods, Sony’s new baby also functions with a bass reflex speaker design, aux input, soft-touch controls, Mega Bass audio enhancement circuitry, and remote control with full iPod control capability. All of these in the asking price of $199.

This Apple iDevices-friendly speaker is handy as handy can get, measuring 14.1 by 6.3 by 6 in inches. No announcement yet when the iRDP-X50iP will debut in the market, but some online retailers have opened it for pre-order.

Photo: Courtesy of CNet

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