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Mobile TV: On Screen Dimensions and Viewing Patterns

Written on August 12, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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After accumulating facts and figures on mobile screen dimensions and viewing patterns, MobiTV comes to this conclusion: bigger is better.

The mobile tv operator studied usage patterns while FIFA was happening in South Africa. It found out that users viewing through larger devices watched the World Cup much longer than those with smaller screens. Its findings also included the discrepancy between the numbers of views done on the iPhone and Android mobile.

Here are the results for soccer mobile views, as reported by MobiTV: 5-inch phone users stay tuned for an average of 118.2 minutes, 4-inch screens had their users tuned in for an average of 102.2 minutes, and those who watched with 3- and 2-inch handsets timed 67.4 minutes and 61.1 minutes, respectively.

And here is the rundown for mobile tv usage on various mobile platforms: iPhone users recorded 77.8 minutes on average, which is relatively higher than Blackberry users’ average of 65.4 minutes and Windows Mobile users’ 62.7 minutes–but remarkably less than Android users, who were glued to their screens for an average of 125.7 minutes.

We know that Android has more users now than iPhone, and if this study is to be factored in to mobile TV’s further developments, then the future will have more Android users tuned in to mobile TV shows longer than everybody else.

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