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iPod Touch 4th Gen in September?

Written on August 11, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Let's retweet, link and post: the new Generation of the iPod Touch coming on September.

The rumors about the newest iPod Touch 4th Generation has been flying all over the web. Everybody can’t stop retweeting, linking and posting this latest news.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has inside hints on the Apple Product release. He commented on a post about Dell Streak clearly saying:

“If you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.”

Gruber, is the man of his word and we have to believe him. There was also a leaked image before about the new iPod Touch right? Everything is so surprising.

Is the all new iPod Touch really coming on September? Think of it as the iPhone 4 features minus the text and call? How cool is that?

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Clash of the Titans – iPhone vs Droid X

Written on August 03, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Motorolla Droid X is on for a face-to-face battle with iPhone.

Hey iPhone, who’s the hottie now? While Apple gives freebies for antenna problems, Motorolla Droid X shoots them single handed.

Pretty good for a cat fight, Droid X is kind of doing a multi-tasking ad campaign to smash Apple. Its new ad campaign says:

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iOS 4.1 Beta 2 Coming the Developer’s Way

Written on July 28, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Two weeks after the July 15 launch of iOS 4.1's first beta, Apple is giving away its next beta. The second beta is said to solve some problems that consumers encounter in their iPhone 4 and 3GS. Read on to see what changes Beta 2 has.

Two weeks after beta 1 hit the scene, Apple’s second iteration of the iOS 4.1 beta is coming the developer’s way. This beta build is meant for iPhones and iPod touches. Only members of the iPhone Developer standard or Enterprise program can access these bits. If you want to be a part of the team, you must sign in to Apple’s Developer Connection.

iOS 4.1 Beta 2 Features

  • - Beta 2 includes a new baseband for iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G. DO NOT update for beta 2 if you rely on an unlock version.
  • - iOS 4.1 beta 2 has a build number of 8B5091b.
  • - This build is said to solve the proximity sensor issue of iPhone 4, according to Gizmodo.
  • - iOS 4.1 may have fixed the slowness of iOS4 or 4.0.1 on iPhone 3G, as reported by The Next Web.

Is you iPhone’s mobile OS updated? Share with us your findings by leaving a comment below!

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iPod Touch 4th Gen carries a 5 Megapixel Camera

Written on July 09, 2010 by Charles Bass

1 person reports that known UK retailer John Lewis gives what believes to be the newly refreshed 4th generation of iPod Touch by Apple to be released this coming September.

The release of the new iPod 4th gen is discussed fairly in scripting the new features of the device.

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Apple: “YES” to Led flashlight Application for iPhone 4!

Written on July 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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After a series of rejections, finally Apple approved the iPhone 4’s LED flash into a FLASHLIGHT!

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