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Orbitsound Announces T12v13 Soundbar and iPod Dock

Written on August 24, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Orbitsound rolled out the third incarnation of its T12 soundbar, the T12v3!

Orbitsound rolled out its new version of T12 soundbar, the T12v3.

It features an integrated iPod dock that comes with subwoofer and improved sound quality. The T12v3 is designed to improve your TV’s sound without filling your room with speakers. It can play music and video straight from a docked iPod or iPhone, and it also has new remote with greater functionality. Moreover, the T12v3 still delivers Orbitsound’s “spatial stereo” technology which spreads better sound around your room. It also has digital and audio connections, enabling you to connect various music sources like TV, laptop or game console.

Orbitsound’s T12v3 will be out on September for £299.

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Monster Releases Tron Light Disc iPod Dock

Written on June 08, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Another member of the ‘do we really need yet another iOS dock?’ family was added, as Monster releases the Tron Light Disc iPod dock.

Fans of sci-fi movies are often the most technology-obsessed consumers existing. Hence, Monster is capitalizing on this by releasing the Tron Light Disc iPod dock. The iPod dock is inspired by the ‘identity disc’ seen in Tron: Legacy. It joins the family of iOS dock for audio devices, and costs £200.

The Tron Light Disc iPod dock features dual pipe lighting rings around it, Tron-themed icons embedded in a 3D motion menu screen, Tron 2.3 player, and a skinned alarm clock application. It supports the iPod Nano; first, second and third generation iPod Touch; and all existing iPhone models.

Are you going to get one of these, or do you think that it’s not worth it?

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Sony Unveils its New iPod Docks

Written on May 25, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Sony is giving the iPhone and iPod users a sweet treat, as the company unveils its latest iPod docks.

Sony has unveiled its three iPod docks, set to be released this summer. All three models are compatible with the iPhone 4 and the fourth generation iPod Touch.

For only £180, users can get the Sony RDP-X60iP which features wireless Bluetooth streaming and 20W power. Meanwhile, the portable RDP-X60iP has a swiveling bracket that enables users to view their iPhone or iPod in either vertical or horizontal mode. It also has a rechargeable battery and with up to six hours playback — all for £129. The third iPod dock – RDP-M5iP – which costs £70, is available in black or white and is powered by four AAA alkaline batteries for up to ten hours.

Are you going to grab your own iPod dock from Sony now?

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Pioneer Introduces Product Prototypes at CEATEC 2010

Written on October 06, 2010 by Adam Eve

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No matter how small Pioneer's booth at the CEATEC 2010 is, they definitely bring forth a list of awesome products and prototypes in the event. The products were so big, you'll wonder how they fit inside the stall.

Though Pioneer has a small booth at the CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo, Japan, they came up with interesting products that would definitely blow your mind. It’s so mind-blowing that you’ll forget that some of them are just prototype.

A preview on Pioneer’s Smart Cradle, non-contact EV charger, iPod dock and HVT audio concept are scribbled after the jump.

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Audiocubes Brings Us Sony SRS-V500IP iPod Dock Speaker

Written on September 27, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Audiocubes created a new invention that will make music-lovers go crazy. Presenting the Sony SRS-V500IP iPod Dock Speaker.

Audiocubes, a site more commonly known for their transport of Japan wonders to American geeks surprised us recently. Why? The company is now selling the Sony’s SRS-V500IP iPod dock and speaker that made us go ‘wow.’ It looks like a coffee maker with an iPod dock. The tumbler is equipped with the Circle Sound Stage speaker system which will play music in 360 degrees angle.

A 3.5 mm stereo output is also present for those who were not only after Apple-produced music. It also comes with a remote control that regularizes the “sit back, relax and enjoy” moment you’ve been dreaming off. Being portable is also a necessity.

Priced at $240, Audiocubes come in color pink, orange and black.

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