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Apple: Taking Over

Written on August 01, 2011 by Lulu

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Apple was granted the control of the on weekend by the World Intellectual Property Organization after the dispute for the said domain.

World Intellectual Property Organization released a ruling this weekend that grants Apple the control of for its dispute over the said domain. WIPO panelist, David Caims, ordered that parking site holder should give the domain over. However, the information about the justification are still not available as of Sunday.

The said move is one of the few in recent memory where Apple has used legal measures and procedure to obtained a domain. Even as recently as its acquisition of, the firm usually turns to purchasing the addresses instead. Apple acquired immediately after its original model shipped to the market, and snapped up and a day ago.

Some obvious domains remain in the hands of other companies. These includes,, and others that are almost left to parking sites again. Apple still haven’t show its intent. But with the company’s increasing number of move, they may be keen to get more.

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