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Apple’s iWork 11, Launching with Mac App Store?

Written on December 21, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Gadg heard a rumor that Apple is prepping up iWork 11 that will come out alongside the Mac App Store. If that's the case then its gonna be a double Apple product launch on January 6.

According to Mac blog 9to5Mac, a stock of iWork ’09 is running low at retail Apple Store. But this issue didn’t stop Apple from using ‘iWork’ as an answer for serach inquiries. There is also a rumor which says that Apple plans to launch the iWork 11 alongside the Mac App Store. If that’s the case, that should come with a big launching event.

Apple recently confirmed releasing the App Store on January 6, 2011. Sources said that Apple company is still debating whether they should also include a retail box version of their productivity suite or keep the items exclusive for Mac App Store.

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