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Apple Requires Extra Staff, a Hint of iPhone 5 Release

Written on July 14, 2011 by Lulu

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Apple's job posting at the UK recruiting site gives a hint about an early release of iPhone 5.

Apple might be planning an earlier launch of their iPhone 5, as they post job vacancies at the UK recruiting site Reed. Apple needs full-time iPhone sales workers for Newcastle Upon Tyne with experience, and could provide demos at the stores or can help to build traffic.

Staffs that will be hired will start on August 16 after four full days of training in London, and work through October 29. Employees will be paid $121 per day through its contractor, the Gekko.

Apple is widely known for hiring extra staff or employees if there is an upcoming iPhone launch events, and often needs an all-hands-on-deck release that pays bonuses for those who would have the time off.

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