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Packing Chat, Games and ePub in the Kindle

Written on September 08, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Anytime soon is certainly not the time for Amazon to cram camera, color or video capability in the Kindle. But if the e-Reader be swamped, let it be with these kinds of apps.

Our forecasts sees gaming as the first layer filling Kindle’s app swamp. This is likely to be the focus as Amazon hires away Microsoft’s and the XBox series mastermind Andre Vrignaud. The device is not without limitations, and this poses a challenge to Amazon and Vrignaud to conjure games that will work within that range. Heavy gaming will presumably be discarded due to Kindle users’ preferences.

What they are passionate about, however, are newspaper-type word games, such as Every Word and Shuffled Row puzzles. So how about packing more of their kind, such as crosswords, Sudoku and Scrabble, in Kindle? Chucking boredom into the back of the mind, or while away waiting hours through vintage text-based computer games also sounds engaging.

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