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Where’s the Kinect-ion?

Written on November 05, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Microsoft is very eager to present to the world its newest product called Kinect. It is a motion-control camera that brings a new hype in the world of gaming. See its impact to the first few people who already tried the gadget.

Microsoft is working hard to put Kinect on its pedestal. People see these efforts on they way the company handled marketing the new console. But at the end, it all depends on how the depends and consumers will welcome this device.

People from Techland spent several days to see how this new gadget will impress them. Their verdict: Kinect is a device of the future but there’s still something lacking. But there is still hope once Kinect technology is incorporated on TV, laptop and desktop computers. Kinect is still missing a superb game that will drive people to buy this technology. Microsoft’s strong commitment to Kinect may bring improvements on the games contained on its launch library.

To read a thorough review about the Kinect, click this link.

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