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Lost in Shadow Lands Today

Written on January 04, 2011 by Adam Eve

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In a world divided by light and darkness, one boy with an unusual companion, will reach the unseen heights of a colossal tower to unite with his body before everything come to its end.

Hudson Entertainment launches its Lost in Shadow for Wii today. The game is all about a boy in shadow that needs to unite with his body before it’s too late. Severed by an unknown force, he will navigate the world of Shadows to reach the top of a colossal tower. The Lost in Shadow is an adventure game, wherein the gamer will assume the role of the boy and will reach the tower’s unseen heights together with The Spangle. Together, they will face the powerful and dark soul eater, Shadow Mass. Get your own copy of Lost in Shadows now!

Check out the Lost in Shadow launch trailer after the skip.

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