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Italian Court Denies Samsung’s Appeal to have the iPhone 4s Blocked in Italy

Written on January 06, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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Samsung's sales injunction against Apple's iPhone 4s denied for the nth time.

The ongoing patent war between Samsung and Apple is still ongoing. This time, Apple seems to be winning. Samsung’s move to stop the iPhone 4s’ release in the Italian market has been denied by the country’s court. This just comes a month after France has similarly rejected their appeal to block the sales of newest iPhone model in their country.

So far, Apple has won in Australia and had the Samsung Galaxy Tab temporarily banned in the Oz market last year, although the Galaxy tab is now available in the market, following the High Court of Australia’s  decision to reject their earlier plea. This can be compared to Samsung’s denied appeals in France and Italy. Samsung’s recent loss in the Italian court is hardly a surprise.

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UK Courts to Make Use of Tablets Instead of Papers

Written on December 03, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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UK Courts Will Go Paperless to Save Trees and Expenses

According to the website, The Guardian, the British government will no longer make use of traditional paper documents in their UK courtrooms and instead will make use of tablets to store all forms and evidentiary items.

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