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Review: Lomo LC-Wide, the Answer to Hipstamatic

Written on June 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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For £350, it seems a bit much for a Lomo LC-Wide camera -- particularly as film processing doesn’t come cheap.

Lomography cameras are the analogue’s answer to Hipstamatic. The new flagship, Lomo LC-Wide camera, is a blocky, vintage-looking camera that picks up where LC-A+ left off.

With its shutter button sitting exactly where you’d expect it, the Lomo LC-Wide camera is a straightforward device to operate. On the right is a dial where you can wind your film. However, there’s a switch under the camera that enables you to take several shots on the same frame. There are three focus options: Close-ups, Long shots and Medium. All of them are controlled by a lever on the front of the camera, which can be very annoying. The lever is so close to the lens, that your fingers often sneaks into shot.

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