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Mac OS X Lion LDAP Bug, Still Unfixed

Written on August 26, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Oh no! Mac OS Lion's LDAP glitch is still unfixed!

While Apple’s luminary leader has left the building, Mac OS X Lion’s month-old bug apparently hasn’t. Reports has it that a glitch allowing users to authenticate LDAP without a password has not been fixed by the company yet. Identified late last month, the LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is commonly used in business IT environments to access directories like corporate email lists.

According to H-Online, Apple was successful in replicating the Mac OS X Lion bug. However, some users are reporting that they can still launch LDAP sessions with just a valid username alone. Others who tried to resolve the issue have led to LDAP authentication being broken entirely. H-Online said that the only solution for the glitch – though it is not much of one – is to “deactivate LDAP authentication for critical services.”

Ted Samson of InfoWorld believes that Apple’s sluggish response to fix the bug may be due to the fact that LDAP is not a default setting for Mac OS X Lion. Regardless, the Cupertino-based company is definitely a red dot because of their vulnerabilities being targeted by cyber criminals.

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