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Leaked Photos Revealed HTC’s Rumored Omega Handset

Written on August 27, 2011 by Lulu

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Leaked photos revealed that HTC's Omega handset resembles the Flyers tablet.

Together with earlier rumors, leaked photos shows HTC’s unconfirmed Omega handset. The press renderings, which were posted by Pocketnow, suggests that the Windows Phone 7 device will be built with a white and silver color scheme — providing a similar appearance to the company’s Android based Flyer tablet.

The said device is said to pack 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, paired with a 3.8 inch SLCD display. Other features of the device are rumored to include 512MB of RAM, an eight megapixel primary camera, and a front facing camera that will be used for video calling.

HTC has yet to confirm details regarding the rumored device. However, it is viewed as a likely handset to arrive at a September 1 press event. Rumors also suggest “Radar” may be the handset’s official name rather than “Omega”.

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T-Mobile Finally Getting iPhone 4?

Written on April 25, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Welcome to the iPhone 4 family, T-Mobile!

When it comes to iPhone, one should never count out T-Mobile under its hood. With Verizon already under the spell of iPhone 4-mania, it looks like T-Mobile is about to jump into the fray, as leaked photographs reveal that Apple is testing out iPhone with the network’s 3G band.

The internal name of the T-Mobile powered iPhone is the N94. It is rumored that it will have an A5 chip, much like the one in the highly speculated iPhone 4S.

Hit the break to check out more leaked images of the fabled T-Mobile iPhone 4.

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Rumored Official Sony PSP2 Photo Unleashed

Written on January 25, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It's pretty hard to believe that any photo that's leaked over the Internet is real, but certain websites claim that this PSP2 image may be legit.

Too good to be true? Probably. It’s just a matter of 2 days until Sony finally elaborates on their nextgen PlayStation Portable or “PSP2″ as fans would like to call it, but another photo surfaced in cyberspace via Kotaku where the website speculates that it came from Sony itself. And although the resolution speaks fan-photoshop, the professionalism of the layout and the peripherals, specs, and features that come with the console may be proof enough that this image is legit.

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