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Leaked User Guide: Read Up On Yet-To-Be-Released Droid 2

Written on July 31, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Motorola will be launching Droid 2 next month, but the excitement and expectations that go along with leaked phone shots and user guide are already off and running. Well, we also cannot wait to see.

Froyo-powered smartphone Droid 2 is yet to hit display stands but we already know that it looks similar with the original Droid and runs the same skin as the Droid X’s. Leaked shots and user guide, although we do not expect them to come in high quality, give away much needed information we will not otherwise know until the phone’s official release. The leaked manual confirms that Droid X’s cousin features pre-installed Swype and multitouch capability in its soft keyboard. As these leaks have preceded the release of the phone that is presumed to be the iPhone’s upcoming tough rival, we can suppose that the final product may come out a tad bit different than what we get from the documentation. What we are surely expecting is for Verizon to launch it soon this August.

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