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Study: Students With iPad Perform Better in School

Written on September 19, 2011 by Lulu

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A study shows that iPad can help students to become more efficient on studying.

Abilene Christian University has been conducting extensive studies on the possible effects of mobile devices on student learning for more than three years. As the Apple launched the iPad, the said university made an initiative to hand-out iPhones and iPod Touches to incoming freshmen.

The university’s iPad-specific research result is noted by TUAW as uniformly positive after a preview of some data. The study found out that students who annotated text on their iPad scored 25% higher on questions regarding the information transfer than their paper-based peers. Researchers who tracked ACU’s first all-digital class noted that the iPad promotes “learning moments,” and helps helps the students to be more efficient with their time than before. Even graduate students in an online program responded with a 95% satisfaction rate to online iPad-based coursework.

Though the results show that iPad will be a great help in studying, the researchers still said that the device isn’t ideal for every educational challenge.

Apple has seen quick educational adoption of their tablet earlier this year. Georgia legislators unveiled that they were considering plans to get rid of conventional textbooks in schools and replace them with iPads. Schools from around the country, including New York and others, had started some programs to use iPad inside the classroom. Some public school system has seen gaining 50% to 60% in reading Math and Science in classrooms with the iPad, like in Chicago.

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