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Introducing the Windows Phone 7 Series

Written on October 12, 2010 by Adam Eve

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They are all here! Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 family has already taken the spotlight in time for the Holidays. Europe, North America and Asia Pacific is in for a Yuletide Season.

Early this year, Microsoft has shown us the upcoming Windows Phone 7. However, it is the mobile operating system that catches the attention of many mobile phone enthusiasts. Nevertheless, Microsoft already launched its nine new units in time for the holidays. The Windows Phone 7 units are expected to invade the European, North America and Asia Pacific market.

Continue reading after the jump to get the general specs of the new Windows Phone 7.

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The Windows-Powered LG Optimus 7

Written on September 07, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Windows 7 is the way to bounce back for Microsoft in the mobile OS market. LG pitches in a smart idea or two, or even seven--and together they create LG Optimus 7.

The LG booth at Berlin offered a preview for its Windows 7 Phone, the manufacturer’s first in the next generation of its mobiles. We need not rely on image leaks anymore as LG Optimus 7’s forthcoming was confirmed at IFA.

What LG shone the spotlight on is the Optimus 7’s DNLA flick technology. LG Global’s press release said, “This unique media file-sharing technology will be embedded in upcoming LG Optimus 7 smartphones, which go on sale early in the fourth quarter of this year,”

Also coded as LG E900, the Optimus 7 was made compatible for the mobile OS by the integration of a Windows key, a search button and a back button in the smartphone, which Microsoft required in running the OS.

Will LG Optimus 7 be Windows mobile OS’s savior in the consumer market? Pitch in to us your two cents’ worth!

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