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How Long will iPhone 5 Last?

Written on March 22, 2011 by Adam Eve

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How long will iPhone 5 last before Apple releases its next iteration?

With Apple’s iPhone 5 soon to be released, many phone feature rumors were already discussed and still talks about. In addition to this, pretty solid specs have leaked. However, tech blogs and gadget fans were still at square one when it comes to confirming these hearsays.

But as much as many of us are concern, most people would like to have an iPhone 5 model that works with all networks. And now that AT&T acquires T-Mobile, it’s amazing how carriers can see iPhone 5 as a risk factor if they don’t carry it. Like NFC, there are reasons why certain features must be found in the 5th generation iPhone. But can the best specs and features increase a phone’s life expectancy?

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