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Fujitsu Lifebook X2 Concept Design Has Four Folds

Written on April 14, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Although we may never see this one coming anytime soon, the idea of a laptop that folds into quarters is a neat idea nonetheless.

Here’s another conceptual design that might be interesting. In what seems to be Kyocera Echo’s distant relative, designer – Park Hyun Jin – unveils over at Yanko his conceptual rendition of the Fujitsu Lifebook X2. This laptop probably made for any doomsday scenario sports four folds, which can be folded into two orientations. We have the QWERTY Keyboard and what seems to be a mouse pad for the first two panels, then two screens for the remaining panels.

The two fold orientation transforms the lower screen into a QWERTY keypad. While the four fold orientation turns the two screens into one. No idea how that will pan out, especially since there will be a seam between the two screens. It’s an awesome design nonetheless. Again, this is just a concept and won’t necessarily see the light of day.

See the concept design after the break.

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