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[Review] The Magic of Fable III for XBox 360

Written on August 19, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Learn how to cast a magic spell to ward off your enemies, talk to a gnome fanatic and ghosts, take down some Hallowmen and bandits for a quest to recover a book or a stone gargoyle head. Fable III is a mixture of battle and journey, light and darkness, and the serious and the jocular.

Going hands-on to Fable III for XBox 360 (thanks to Gamescon), the game is more of an action-adventure compare to its predecessors — matching up its dark side with a lighter one. The comedic side of the mission is more memorable, though the combat-heavy quest was enlightening. You will learn how to combine two magic spells to produce a different effect, translating into a big blast radius. Holding down the B button will conjure a spell that can take out multiple foes. But if you want a full-force blow to a single opponent, you can direct your spell using the left analog stick. The core storyline of this mission involves disposing a number or royal guards and searching for a ship on which to sail to safety. The less bloody, and more comical side of Fable III is a welcome change.

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