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Netflix is Coming to UK in 2012

Written on July 27, 2011 by Adam Eve

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While Netflix aims to be globally available, UK is not part of the list where the company will launch it services.

Film and television industry authority, Variety, reports that Netflix will arrive in UK next year: “Sources at leading European film distributors say as recently as last week Netflix reps confirmed plans to put roots down in both Spain and the United Kingdom in the first quarter of next year.”

But while the news seems unsurprising, Netflix omitted UK in its recent list of Latin American and Caribbean countries set for its global launch. However, the company declined tofurther comment on this. With just a couple of notable online streaming services in the country, Netflix might need more time to prepare and sign various licensing agreements. Moreover, they also need to deal with situation they never faced in North America.

But once Netflix UK becomes available, it will find itself in enviable position of having customers who already have compatible platforms. This can mean big competition with other streaming service providers like Amazon’s LoveFilm.

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Lovefilm Debuts on Sony PS3

Written on October 12, 2010 by Charles Bass

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There is something to be happy about purchasing the Sony PS3. The application Lovefilm is now on it. Yes, movie rentals or purchasing DVDs will be fast and easy.

Good News PS3 fanatics! An announcement was made on the PS3 YouTube channel that you can now order a movie using Lovefilm app. Whether you want to stream it via game consoles or order DVDs you will surely enjoy this. Users can now curate movie and game rental list.

Lovefilm is also said to be developing a similar app for YouView. The IPTV ServiceITV, Channel 4, Five, TalkTalk, BT and the BBC, as the ‘next generation of Freeview’, will allow apps and channels to co-exist on the same TV platform.

This is something that will interest many buyers into switching to PS3. Good marketing plan!

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