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Intel’s Initial Light Peak Flinches; Drops Light Technology

Written on December 11, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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Intel's much hyped Light Peak technology will be using copper after all instead of light-based fiber optics for the initial version.

In what Intel describes as the ‘holy grail of connector technology’, Light Peak yields to the practicalities of conventional technology by going back to basic copper. It was originally planned that Light Peak will be using fiber-optics technology, which reports say has the ability to transfer data faster than copper wires. However, Intel subdued the […]

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Turn Your Windows Desktop to Mac OS X with Snow Transformation Pack

Written on August 16, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Tired of the usual interface for your Windows desktop? Want to make it look like a Mac OS X, but doesn't want to drop the whole system? Well, the Snow Transformation Pack is here to solve your dilemma. And it's absolutely F-R-E-E!

Now you can change the appearance of your whole Windows Desktop into Mac OS X without dropping the Microsoft system. Snow Transformation Pack will change your GUI including the login screen, wallpapers, icons, clocks, dialog boxes, sounds, docks and many more! However, you’ll need to disable your User Account Control in order to install it. Meaning you will need to run the installer twice — one to attenuate the UAC and another one to incorporate the package. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted whether you like to install a few background apps — which is good if you don’t need your computer to be powerful. Surprisingly, with a few exceptions in usability, it looks like the Mac OS X. To make it more Mac-like, you can add a few manual tweaks like clicking on the Taskbar, hitting Properties, and using small tab icons. If you’re tired of the usual Windows GUI, you can have a Mac experience for a while by downloading the Snow Transformation Pack. It is absolutely free but available for Windows Vista/7 only.

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