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Flipping Two Sides of the Coin on Medal of Honor’s Singleplayer

Written on August 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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On one side, you can be an elite Tier 1 operator. On the other, you can be a recon soldier. You can be a Scalpel, or you may want to be a Hammer. Whatever the two story is all about... you have to choose your side of the tale.

Executive producer, Greg Goodrich, pointed out that the new campaign for Medal of Honor will be told from “two different sides.” The video shows two singleplayer mission, wherein one would tell a story from the American side and the other will be on the shoes of the Taliban. It seems like a story from the different perspectives of the Tier 1 and the regular army. Or is it the “Scalpel” and the “Hammer” that Danger Close is talking about for quite some time now? One reader from Kotaku even commented that gamers can play as an élite Tier 1 operator “Grope” MacLavish, or as USMC 2nd Force Recon soldier Noel Blackson. So what you think is it? Drop your answers on the comment box.

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