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Apple: The Only Major PC Maker in Western Europe That Still Grows

Written on August 18, 2011 by Lulu

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A new study showed that the Apple is the only PC maker based in Western Europe that is still growing

Gartner stated that Apple was the only major computer manufacturer based in Western Europe that is still growing. That is according to a continent wide breakdown on Wednesday. Apple increased its shipments by half a percent to hit 7% of the market, while other Windows-based PC makers dropped in the same timeframe. HP and Delli gained shares, but still saw their shipments drop by 6.1% and 12.7% respectively. ACER, on the other hand, faced a disastrous flop after its abnormalities in overstock forced it to ship 44.6% fewer PCs, and drop to 2nd place at 16.7%.

The pattern was largely consistent from country to country. Apple gained shares in the UK and had a boost in France where its raw shipments were increase up to 6.4 points. Enough to put it in the top five for the first time. Samsung was one of the few others to see an upside in any area, but only registered in the top five in France.

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