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Microsoft Releases First WP7 Update

Written on February 23, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Windows just announced its first software update for the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. However, it is not what the people are expecting.

Microsoft recently announced that the first update for its Windows Phone 7 mobile OS is now out. However, it is not the update that people are waiting for. Instead of the additional copy-paste features, the WP7 update paves the way for future revisions by improving the process itself. Hence, this can be a good indication that the major update is in the horizon.

To get the update, you’ll need the latest version of Zune on your PC, or the Windows Phone Connector on your Mac. Then connect your WP7 handset via USB cable, and follow the on-screen instruction. There’s also an available step-by-step tutorial online if its seems a bit complicated for you. In case you have the update already, don’t forget to share your findings by leaving a comment.

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