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Microsoft Anti-Piracy Plans Become Complicated

Written on September 13, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The piracy issues involving Microsoft products is getting worse that they demanded police officials to raid companies using pirated softwares.

Microsoft has made gracious and aggressive steps to stop the rampant piracy of their software in Europe. But it seems that it’s a little out of hand. According to the New York Times, Russian authorities are making piracy investigations as a pretext for getting computers and other paraphernalia from political opponents of government and news orgs. And all the more, Microsoft is quite supportive with what’s happening, the lawyers described the company as a “victim” and pushed for criminal charges. The matters are turning into worse, they are even accused of refusing to give help to targeted groups which have purchased the software to avoid being raided. The company said it’s a matter for the Russian security police to deal with.

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