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HDMI’s Mini DisplayPort, Ruled Illegal

Written on July 13, 2011 by Adam Eve

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HDMI Organization ruled the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable as unlicensed.

The HDMI Organization, which is responsible for licensing the HDMI connection standard, stated that Mini DisplayPort to HDMI are unlicensed. That said, it should be immediately removed from sales. As explained by the organization:

“The HDMI specification defines an HDMI cable as having only HDMI connectors on the ends. Anything else is not a licensed use of the specification and therefore, not allowed.”

While the HDMI Organization acknowledged the market need for a cable solution, they are still pointing out that “at this time, there is no way to produce these cable products in a licensed manner.” However, cables with HDMI socket on one end and DisplayPort on the other – like the one pictured above – is fine, since it still requires a full-spec and properly tested HDMI cable.

Is the HDMI Organization move justifiable? Let your opinions be heard by leaving a comment.

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iPad 2 Case Pictures Leaked; SD Card Slot and Mini DisplayPort Rumors Heat-up

Written on January 18, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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iPad 2 is going to be bigger and better, or atleast that's what the rumors are leading to.

We’re pretty sure Apple fans are tingling with joy at the moment. Thanks to AppleInsider and MIC Gadget, the world now lays its eyes on these iPad 2 case photographs. Reported that the cases were probably manufactured in China, the iPad 2 case indicated that we may be having a tablet with a rear-facing camera, an SD card slot, and a mysterious opening at the top that is rumored to be a Mini DisplayPort.

Why do we need a Mini DisplayPort in the first place? AppleInsider states that the port might be used to “support full resolution monitor like the Apple 27-inch LED display” and would “enable iPad 2 to be used as a very high resolution external display by any Mac with mini DisplayPort output.”

Hit the break to see more photos of the rumored iPad 2 case!

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