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Angry Birds Flying Soon on a Windows Phone 7 Near You

Written on February 18, 2011 by Charles Bass

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For Rovio and Microsoft, let bygones be bygones.

Everyone thought that will be the end of the game’s possibilities on the WP7. However, we’re simply astounded to know from Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka that they’re simply working on a WP7 franchise of the game.

As for the pevious mistake, Vesterbacka “swears that’s now water under the bridge and that there’s no bad blood between the two companies…”

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Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta —Now on Android

Written on November 10, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Opera Mobile is a very competitive browser that runs behind Firefox and Chrome. Now, their newest beta version is available for Android smartphones and its for free!

Opera Mobile 10.1 beta is the newest version of a browser for mobile and it is now available for Android Devices.

This version was the one announced last month to carry important key features inncluding the support for geo-location and the pinch to zoom. These features actually made their way to compete in the mobile browser market.

Interesting features are also in store for the ultimate Opera experience: Visual tab management, syncing bookmarks via Opera link, SVG support, Speed Dial and the Opera Turbo.

Opera Mobile as always is free. Users can download it now on Android Market. Don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know how Opera changes web experience.

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Windows Phone 7 Mistakenly Claimed Angry Birds

Written on October 11, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The best seller app, Angry Birds, was seen on Windows Phone 7 Promotional image. But this occurrence was a big mistake. No wonder Rovio, the developer of the app, seems to be a little taken aback.

When technology enthusiasts caught a glimpse of the popular iPhone app, Angry Birds, on Windows Phone 7 promo, it seems that the game is coming to Microsoft’s smart phone. But the developers of the app posted a denial tweet regarding the platform. A representative sent a note to TechFlash admitting the mistake that was made.

“It appears information was mistakenly posted to Microsoft’s website, and has been removed,” the statement said.

Microsoft need the developers behind Angry Birds, particularly Rovio, in order to stay put with the league of Android and iPhone , but Rovio wasn’t happy about the news.

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AT&T U-verse 2.0 is DVR- and Download-savvy

Written on August 10, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Now in transit: the ultimate TV experience. AT&T's upgraded U-verse, the U-verse Mobile App, is now available for downloading and recording select TV shows straight into your iPhone.

AT&T announced yesterday that U-verse Mobile App can now be accessed via the App Store. U-verse subscribers can now download and watch their favorite TV shows while they are on the go. This innovation also features digital video recording capability that users can key up even when they are stuck in the subway or running late for home. This is as mobile as mobile TV can get.

The all-new app dislodges the Mobile Remote Access for iPhone app and comes with sprinkles of sweet features to captivate ultra-mobile customers.

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