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CES 2011 Presents Mobile DTV

Written on January 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Get ready for CES 2011! more than two dozen Mobile DTV devices are set to grace the event.

The Open Mobile Video Coalition will be present at CES 2011; showcasing a set of mobile TVs that will excite the couch potatoes on the go. First on the list is the glass-free LG 3D mobile TV, though some are still skeptic about this one. But for 3D lovers, this mobile unit might make them go insane.

While a tad full of mobile TV devices are likely to be present at CES 2011, Tivizen is one unit that is worth noticing. This device brings local broadcast television to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Just plug it in the 30-pin socket, and you already have two hours and thirty minutes of Mobile DTV video! The Tivizen will be available on June for only $99.

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