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Angry Birds Flying Soon on a Windows Phone 7 Near You

Written on February 18, 2011 by Charles Bass

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For Rovio and Microsoft, let bygones be bygones.

Everyone thought that will be the end of the game’s possibilities on the WP7. However, we’re simply astounded to know from Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka that they’re simply working on a WP7 franchise of the game.

As for the pevious mistake, Vesterbacka “swears that’s now water under the bridge and that there’s no bad blood between the two companies…”

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Razer Ferox Redefines Portable Gaming Speakers

Written on January 26, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Razer has broken the sound barrier once again with its new mobile gaming speaker, the Razer Ferox.

Razer isn’t only known for their imba mouse and keyboard series. They’re also known for other things too, like audio hardware for example. Razer has just unleashed details of their upcoming audio speakers for mobile gamers, the Razer Ferox. Don’t let the size fool you as it’s 360° omni-directional sound design plus its digitally enchanced amplifier efficiency can pack quite a punch that will redefine your idea of mobile speakers. You won’t worry much on how to carry the Ferox as Razer has provided a carrying case for you to enjoy anywhere you go. And did we mention it has up to 12 hours battery life?

Hit the break to view the features and specs of the Razer Ferox speakers.

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Final Fantasy Legends: Dark Knight Chapter Now Available

Written on January 06, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The next chapter opens, continuing the Final Fantasy Legends saga. Now you can download them and enjoy the adventure.

Final Fantasy Legends’ latest chapter is now available for download. iMode users can acquire complete access to Dark Knight Volume, the second free scenario in the game’s Chapter of Darkness.

The first scenario under the Chapter of Darkness, called the Ranger Volume, Nacht and his friends went to the Elf Village and were stuck in a forest maze. In the new chapter, they left the Elf Village and crossed some continent in an attempt to be unified with the Dwarfs. On their way to the forests they encountered a dark knight with a sword covered in blood.

As for other Final Fantasy Legends free scenarios, clearing this one will unlock the Dark Knight class as missions to complete for your characters.

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The Top 20 Android Games Offered for Free

Written on October 31, 2010 by GADG

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Make your Android life more exciting with these fun and exciting games which can be downloaded absolutely free. Don't be left behind, download these games now!

Do you believe that you can find gem within the junk? It is the same case you will encounter in finding fun and enjoyable Android games in the many options available. A bonus treat? You don’t have to shed money off your pockets. Find in the list below games that you should download to your phone right away.

See after the jump best 20 Android games you can download for free.

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Windows Phone 7 Mistakenly Claimed Angry Birds

Written on October 11, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The best seller app, Angry Birds, was seen on Windows Phone 7 Promotional image. But this occurrence was a big mistake. No wonder Rovio, the developer of the app, seems to be a little taken aback.

When technology enthusiasts caught a glimpse of the popular iPhone app, Angry Birds, on Windows Phone 7 promo, it seems that the game is coming to Microsoft’s smart phone. But the developers of the app posted a denial tweet regarding the platform. A representative sent a note to TechFlash admitting the mistake that was made.

“It appears information was mistakenly posted to Microsoft’s website, and has been removed,” the statement said.

Microsoft need the developers behind Angry Birds, particularly Rovio, in order to stay put with the league of Android and iPhone , but Rovio wasn’t happy about the news.

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Windows Phone 7, the New Gaming Platform for Microsoft

Written on August 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Windows Phone 7 is not just a smartphone, it also a gaming platform. And it's not just an ordinary mobile game, it's from XBox Live! A XBox game title on your WP7? What more can you ask for?

Microsoft announced last Monday the first batch of XBox game that will be available for Windows Phone 7. Big Red is counting on games and the Xbox Live tie-in as the key selling point for WP7. This device will be the first product outside of the PC or the XBox to connect to XBox Live. The company is staffing up for a mobile game studio to gear up the phone. Among the titles they will release are Halo: Waypoint and Crackdown 2.

A longer list of XBox Live titles for Windows Phone 7 can be found after the jump.

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