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MobileASL: Mobile Phone for the Deaf

Written on August 17, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Thanks to the new technology, even the deaf can communicate without the hassle.

The new device to aid the deaf people is called the MobileASL. The good thing about this gadget is it does not require users to wear weird-looking gloves. This technology uses compressed video signals, sharpened image quality and motion detection to enhance mobile video conferencing services.

Eleven participants joined the initial testing of MobileASL, all of whom gave positive feedbacks about the gadget. The software is compatible with any device which has video camera placed at the front like iPhone 4 or HTC Evo.

Aside from texting and e-mail options, the MobileASL allows face-to-face chat which is more useful for the deaf. Plus, it also uses 10 times less bandwidth which maximizes battery life.

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