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Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011: A Quick Recap

Written on September 13, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The Nintendo's pre-Tokyo Game Show 2011 3DS conference is finally over. For those who weren't able to watch the show, you can read the quick rundown of the event below.

Nintendo started the Tokyo Game Show 2011 season with a 3DS Conference that was hosted this afternoon in Japan, revealing the upcoming Misty Pink 3DS handheld, a new Fire Emblem, the arrival of new titles — including Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri G and Monster Hunter 4, and many more.

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Jump Festa Kicks Off Capcom vs Marvel 3

Written on December 03, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The gamers can't get enough of the Jump Festa event on the 18th, and this news will excite the fans all the more. Capcom vs Marvel 3 will be joining the event and they're also holding a stage show for the new characters waiting to be unleashed.

This year’s Jump Festa will kick off a little different “manga” type as Capcom unleashes the Marvel vs Capcom 3 on their Festa booth.

Prior to this, Capcom announced that the game will be available for play-along with the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Diary. And today, they also announced that the game will have a stage event. This early Christmas treat will be held for two days during the event proper, from 12:00 to 12:45.

These stage shows will serves as Capcom’s choices for fighting game character announcements. There are 10 characters waiting to be unleashed for the MVC3; fans should always be on the look out as Jump be unveiled on December 18.

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