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An Extra Grip for PlayStation Move’s Shooting Attachment

Written on October 20, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Shooting Attachment is making its way to stores this week, providing an arcade-like shooting experience for the cool price of $19.99. Is a little extra grip worth your hard earned cash?

As PlayStation Move made its way in the market, varying third-party peripheral manufacturers began crafting cases, chargers and add-ons for the new motion controller. Included in the list is the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment. Making its way to the stores this week with a cool price of $19.99, the Shooting Attachment is one of the higher quality products under the zapper-style accessory category that you’ll see.

The three main parts fastened securely by three large screws gives a nice weight to the shell. The Move controller can be inserted or removed at the top panel, by means of the release mechanism found on either side of the gun.

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Eight Percent Drop on Video Game Sales

Written on October 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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According to Jesse Divnich, an analyst of Electronics Entertainment Design and Research, part of the decline can be attributed to "Halo." The game is so popular that the rest of the industry is so afraid to go up against it.

According to market researcher, NPD Group, US retail sales on game hardware, software and accessories fell to eight percent or $1.2 billion in September. Game hardware sales stumbled to $383 million as fewer people buy Wii and PlayStation 3. However, XBox 360 sold more units than it did a year ago. Software sales also slacked down to $614 million. And though Microsoft’s Halo: Reach sold 3.3 million units, it is not enough to lift the category.

But NPD Analyst, Anita Frazier, pointed out that while retails sales are declining, digital and other out-of-the-box retail channel has a growing market. Simply put, more people are downloading games and buying extra content online. More over, game accessories are also having an up-tick, boosted by Sony’s new Move motion controller. The XBox Live point 1600 point card and the Network Card for PlayStation 3 are the best-selling accessories so far. Further more, GameStop Corp., the world’s largest video game retailer, got a 2.3 percent increase in shares.

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It’s Time to Move

Written on September 22, 2010 by R. Cruise

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PlayStation Move Controller is set to get Nintendo out of way as the premiere motion-sensing gaming device.

Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled its latest gadget called Move Controller. This is a motion-sending peripheral for Sony PlayStation 3 and lets you play computer games with just wave of the device.

Very familiar technology, right? Sony first offered a motion-sensing gaming experience with EyeToy peripheral in 2003 but with the arrival of Nintendo Wii, everything changed.

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