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Netflix is Coming to UK in 2012

Written on July 27, 2011 by Adam Eve

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While Netflix aims to be globally available, UK is not part of the list where the company will launch it services.

Film and television industry authority, Variety, reports that Netflix will arrive in UK next year: “Sources at leading European film distributors say as recently as last week Netflix reps confirmed plans to put roots down in both Spain and the United Kingdom in the first quarter of next year.”

But while the news seems unsurprising, Netflix omitted UK in its recent list of Latin American and Caribbean countries set for its global launch. However, the company declined tofurther comment on this. With just a couple of notable online streaming services in the country, Netflix might need more time to prepare and sign various licensing agreements. Moreover, they also need to deal with situation they never faced in North America.

But once Netflix UK becomes available, it will find itself in enviable position of having customers who already have compatible platforms. This can mean big competition with other streaming service providers like Amazon’s LoveFilm.

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Netflix: Having Streaming Issues with Apple TV

Written on July 06, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Oh no! No movie streaming from Netflix on Apple TV!

Several Apple TV customers were unable to stream Netflix movies to their devices. In relation to this, a spokesperson confirmed that a small number of Apple TV devices were having technical issues. However, Netflix pointed that the glitch has been fixed.

Users who were experiencing difficulties over the weekend received Error 111, 112 or 115 whenever they try to use the movie streaming service. Nevertheless, access to menu screen is still possible. Meanwhile, other users were able to access Netflix on other non-Apple TV devices like iPhone, iPod and MacBook Pro. It also seems that majority of Apple TV 2 owners where encountering the glitch.

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