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Sony NGP Predicted to Cost $299 to $349 for Wi-Fi Only Model According to EEDAR

Written on February 04, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Will analysis firm EEDAR stay on the mark with their projected Sony NGP prices? Only Sony themselves can tell.

With great specs, come great price tags. That seems to be the message EEDAR is sending as it weighs in the Sony NGP (Next Gen Portable) based on hardware and software cost and the likelihood of the console’s success. It might not be easy to swallow to some as the NGP is predicted to cost around $299 to $349, and that’s only for the Wi-Fi model. Though the analysis firm expresses optimism that the Sony NGP is on its way to “handsomely surpass sales of its predecessor, the PSP,” but it will still boil down on the long-term support from publishers and how competitive its price will be, especially compared to the Nintendo 3DS.

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