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Philips Joins Passive 3D Competition

Written on March 10, 2011 by Adam Eve

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With the competition for 3D TV technology getting tougher, Philips made their first step in the arena with their Cinematic 21:9 PFL7956 and Widescreen PFL7606.

With LG’s latest 3D revolution, Philips released two new 3D TV series that features passive technology: Cinematic 21:9 aspect PFL7956 and Widescreen PFL7606. Powered by Philips’ “Easy 3D”, the passive 3D TVs will use polarized glasses instead of active ones. Generally, polarized eye wears are lighter, cheaper and more comfortable to use. However, they are more expensive than their active-shutter counterparts.

The Cinematic 21:9 is capable of 2D-3D conversion, and can be used for two-player, full screen gaming. On the other hand, the Widescreen PFL7606 will come in various sizes, from 32 – 55 inches. Both Philips’ 3D TV are LED edge-lit. However, there are no concrete release date for these 3D TVs.

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Top 10 Gadgets at CES 2011

Written on January 10, 2011 by Adam Eve

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The end of CES 2011 established four trends: smart appliances, 3D TVs, tablets and Internet TVs. And though there are 2,600 exhibitors in the event, Gadg managed to make a list of top 10 gadgets at CES 2011.

Though CES 2011 just ended, the biggest tech exhibit in Las Vegas was able to establish four trends: tablets, 3D TVs, Internet televisions and “smart” appliances. The trade show attracted over 120,000 attendees who came to see the latest and greatest devices from 2,600 exhibitors. Though it is impossible to see an individual anywhere near all of the products at CES 2011, here is Gadg’s list of the best devices found at the event.

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