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E3 2011: Let the Console Wars Begin!

Written on April 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The console wars begin anew as Nintendo Wii will most likely heat up the competition with their next generation home console.

With less than two months away until the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2011 kicks in to rock the video game industry, many people are already wondering what’s going to happen and what surprises are in store for our Xbox360s, PS3s, Nintendo 3DS, etc.

E3 has always been a mini-barometer on how gamers react to a gaming company’s platter. If one line is way longer than the other, that only means that company A is doing much better than company B. Sony, Ninendo and Microsoft have already given hints to what they’ll bring into the console wars during their more or less two hours of unadulterated attention, and it looks like we’ll be seeing more of what we already know, but let’s hope it won’t be a snoozefest.

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Nintendo, Finally Dropping Wii to $150?

Written on April 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Is Nintendo really bringing Wii's price down to $150? Do we really even care?

Rumor is brewing around the gaming industry that Nintendo is finally going to drop the Wii down to $150 from its much overdue $200 price tag. According to reports from a “trusted source” via Engadget, the price slash is coming May 15th, less than a month before E3 2011.

Even though Wii is sitting on the top of the gaming console food chain year-after-year, the price cut is a much welcome move to consumers. However, that wouldn’t probably change the fact that Nintendo Wii still needs good titles to survive.

The Nintendo Wii has been around for a long while now, and with the rise of the Xbox 360 Kinect and the PlayStation Move, it seems like the revolutionary movement-based console is starting to lose its steam to the competition. Will the Nintendo Wii price slash be enough to nail the console’s dominance in the sales charts?

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Sony Sticking with Traditional Controllers for PS4?

Written on March 19, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Motion control-only PlayStation 4, a no go according to PlayStation Move architect.

Even with the success PlayStation Move, Sony seems to be sending a message that their next PlayStation console will not ship with a Move-like controller instead of a traditional gamepad. Sony R&D wizard Dr. Richard Marks explains through an interview at Gamasutra that “we’re not trying to get rid of the gamepad.”

According to Marks, the idea that Sony might go for motion-only controllers for PS4 “won’t make sense.” So PlayStation 4 will stick to the traditional D-pad controllers then, but will most likely still be compatible for the PlayStation Move.

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An Extra Grip for PlayStation Move’s Shooting Attachment

Written on October 20, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Shooting Attachment is making its way to stores this week, providing an arcade-like shooting experience for the cool price of $19.99. Is a little extra grip worth your hard earned cash?

As PlayStation Move made its way in the market, varying third-party peripheral manufacturers began crafting cases, chargers and add-ons for the new motion controller. Included in the list is the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment. Making its way to the stores this week with a cool price of $19.99, the Shooting Attachment is one of the higher quality products under the zapper-style accessory category that you’ll see.

The three main parts fastened securely by three large screws gives a nice weight to the shell. The Move controller can be inserted or removed at the top panel, by means of the release mechanism found on either side of the gun.

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Mysterio Cosplayers, the New PlayStation Move Endorsers

Written on September 14, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Uninvited guess coming to your party can be an extreme surprise, but two unknown individuals with orbs as their head is weird. And to make it more creepy, they'll offer you a joystick from Sony.

In an effort to promote the launching of PlayStation Move, Sony sought the help of Lars Åndheim to shoot what seems like a very odd campaign. According to the director himself, taking the spotlight are two MoveMen characters — a man and a woman — who have their heads replaced with colored orbs. And as creepy as it seems, the MoveMen will fish for your Facebook for any mentions of parties and will make a gate crash to say “Wii want you to play.” Let’s just cross our fingers that Sony will bring its MoveMen to the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, just so we can see them brawl with XBox 360’s ball-head mascot.

A clip of the said odd PlayStation Move campaign is posted after the jump.

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