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Intel Promising a Fix For the 320-Series SSD Issue

Written on August 16, 2011 by Lulu

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Intel has promised a fix regarding to their 320-series SSD issues within two weeks.

Intel promised a fix for their 320-series SSD drives within two weeks via firmware update. MacWorld reported that the chipmaker has isolated the issue which saw a number of 320-series solid state drives fail after a power outage, resulting in a Bad Context 13x error. The firmware fix promises to avoid future problems that may occur. However, it will not recover the lost data for owners who are currently suffering from the said issue.

Reported a month ago, Intel was put in boiling water because of their slow response to the said problem. The chip maker acknowledged the issue in late July, and advised the current owners of such SSD drives to carefully shut down their computers. They also recommended frequent backups.

Apparently, the primary fix has fully wiped the SSD with a secure erase, destroying any data on the drive. Intel also replaced disks for a number of customers. As all the solutions involve losing every data on the disk, back-up becomes even more necessary nowadays. The firmware is currently in final validation testing based on a report from Intel. However, they did not announced a specific date for the release.

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Netflix: Having Streaming Issues with Apple TV

Written on July 06, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Oh no! No movie streaming from Netflix on Apple TV!

Several Apple TV customers were unable to stream Netflix movies to their devices. In relation to this, a spokesperson confirmed that a small number of Apple TV devices were having technical issues. However, Netflix pointed that the glitch has been fixed.

Users who were experiencing difficulties over the weekend received Error 111, 112 or 115 whenever they try to use the movie streaming service. Nevertheless, access to menu screen is still possible. Meanwhile, other users were able to access Netflix on other non-Apple TV devices like iPhone, iPod and MacBook Pro. It also seems that majority of Apple TV 2 owners where encountering the glitch.

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