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Public Beta Test for Diablo III is Now Live

Written on September 21, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Let the game begin! Our precious Diablo 3 game is now out for public beta test, Hurray!

After such long period of waiting, Blizzard announced yesterday that the beta test will be live for public. But before you can rejoice about the announcement, Blizzard mention that you should have a valid account and have opted it via Beta profile settings, also you should wait for an official email from Blizzard which will state the beta key for Diablo 3. If you have no idea and have lots of question on how to obtain the beta keys just click here to read the Diable III beta FAQS. Good luck to those who receive their beta keys and for those who aren’t luck we just have to wait till the game be release.

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Dev Copy Holder Leaks Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Info

Written on September 12, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Battlefield 3's gameplay video and images are now in the wild!

A Reddit user, ‘dglazkov’, has acquired a copy of the latest development build of Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360. Images and gameplay videos from the build was leaked, including the Xbox 360 flight controls and start up menu. The said video features flight gameplay, RPG destruction footage and single player gameplay.

As seen on image 6, War Tapes could be used during gameplay via audio setup menu to increase the level of ambient sound. This could give more realistic experience for some players. However, dglazkov said that he has no information for Battlefield 3’s public beta launch date.

The leaked information can be available via download.

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