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Cobra iRadar is More Powerful than Before

Written on October 15, 2010 by R. Cruise

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A radar system equipped with an iPhone app will work wonders on the road. This is the new offering of Cobra called the iRadar system.

Cobra’s iRadar system teamed up with Bluetooth-enabled radar detector plus free iPhone app to detect nearby radar guns. The iRadar app also comes with a database which automatically update on its own after recognition of new speed traps, red light cameras and sharp intersections.

The new radar detector is priced at $170. This detector is capable to work on its own.  It can detect “all radar and laser guns on the market” with full 360-degree protection. Though you can incorporate the iPhone app anytime you want. The app can be downloaded free of charge. Once you have the iPhone app, you’ll be able to personalize the hardware settings on your mobile phone.

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