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OCZ Quits DRAM biz; Internet TV with iGUGU and Vulkano; Samsung RF4289 Refrigerator of the Future

Written on January 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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A business falls, InternetTV takes a share of the spotlight, and Samsung unveils the refrigerator of the future. This round-up gives the industry's recent ups and downs.

Several interesting news bits came our way today, folks as the world of technology had its ups and downs plus whoah and whuts over the past hours. OCZ finally lets go of the DRAM market, iGUGU and Vulkano tries to impress us with their versions of Internet TV, plus Samsung may be on to something with their RF4289 Refrigerator.

Let’s start things up with OCZ. What’s up OCZ? After a decade of being a pretty nice provider of the world’s finest DRAM, it looks like the company is pulling the plug on that department and decides to focus more on their SSD products. After receiving several competition where speed and prices usually dictate the winner, it seems like getting too much competition on one single desktop hardware makes it hard for one to truly succeed. We’ll miss those sleek Z designs embedded on those shiny DRAMs, but we wish OCZ luck on their focused endeavor.

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